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About Catapult Leadership Society

Catapult’s mission is to cultivate new leaders who will make a positive difference in communities across Nova Scotia, 50 students at a time!   Catapult’s focus is on students with natural leadership qualities but whose life circumstances may create critical barriers to achieving their potential.  

Catapult shows these students that anything is possible and that current circumstance does not define who they are. Catapult encourages them to dream big, to believe in themselves, and to pay it forward by making a difference in their communities. And it’s working. 

Last year alone, Catapult students volunteered 2070 volunteer hours and raised $39,000 for 77 charities!  27% became involved with their student government, 100% have graduated high school and 75%  have gone on to post-secondary education. The program is transformational and one of a kind.  

Catapult is filling a gap and opening doors. These students are building stronger futures for themselves and the communities they live in. 

To learn more about Catapult Leadership Society, please visit their website